Canada Votes 2015

Why NOT Harper? What does it mean to be a proud Canadian?

Being a proud Canadian is recognizing and being grateful to live in one of the best countries in the world.  If you appreciate your country and the freedoms we have, you will take the time to get informed about the important issues, learn the facts, and in an election year you will vote for who best represents your top values.  Sadly, our current Federal government harbours a Neoliberal Agenda, which means that what benefits large, multi-national corporations take priority over what matters most to Canadian families, and the Harper government tries to hide information from Canadian citizens and also limit our voice.  This is just not acceptable.

What YOU Can Do to Take Back Canadian Democracy… click below!

Click here!  to DOWNLOAD the printable PDF, “Why Not Harper” (2-sided) BROCHURE…

This brochure is packed with important information!  Get informed, and then commit to printing and handing out at least 100 of these double-sided brochures in the area where you live!

 If 1,000 people all over Canada do this, that is 100,000 brochures out there informing Canadians that our democracy is being threatened, and that we can exercise our right to vote and TAKE IT BACK!

Our current federal government under Stephen Harper is failing Canadian families, and now they must go.

 Below is a list of websites and Facebook pages exposing the TRUTH:

This is the website for the well–established, respected non- profit Council of Canadians (COC) which is dedicated to upholding Canadian democracy, family values and social justice. Visit this site to learn about the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership).

25 Reasons for Why Not Harper

Mainly about Harper’s goal to break up Canadian Universal Health Care

Exposing Harper’s Agenda

‘Shit Harper Did’ is related to those two young people in Vancouver who snuck on camera with the ‘Stop Harper’ sign in Vancouver during a televised interview of Harper.  They are collecting support and donations for a new documentary about the attack on Canadian democracy…



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