“NO GMO Alfalfa” Protest in Langley BC Canada

Yesterday, April 9 2013, a group of local concerned citizens joined¬† with CBan and citizens in 38 other areas across Canada to call for a moratorium on the approval of GMO alfalfa in Canada. The video starts slow, but be patient, it is a wonderful snapshot of the new Canadian citizen emerging… politically active, informed and willing to speak out for the rights of Canadians and defend Canadian democracy, as well as the environment.

No One Says It like It Is… Like Bill Maher

I think Bill Maher is the best, when it comes to pointing out our own buffoonery…. through satire and wit. I am so happy he is “on our team”. This is the 3rd post I am sharing with Bill Maher taking on GMOs. He had a show (Real Time With Bill Maher) last year on GMOs (it was awesome!) and he is also in a Prop 37 “Right To Know” video with Danny Devito, also from 2012.¬† Warning though, he drops f- bombs and utters other 4 letter words, so not for the kids to watch!

REVOLUTION: the Film … coming to theaters in April 2013

This is the film for 2013… period. Even if you do not go to the movies often (or ever) you must see this important documentary that “says it like it is”, with passion and truth. Toronto’s Rob Stewart is a biologist and underwater photographer, who became a filmmaker because of a problem he noticed: 90% of the shark population had disappeared…. and nobody seemed to notice, nobody seemed to care. The story of SHARKWATER (his original film) is amazing all on it’s own, but there is another chapter to add. He realized that the declining shark population, due to the brutal shark-finning trade/ human exploitation, though a serious problem, is only the tip of the iceberg. His new film REVOLUTION is a continuation and expansion of the problem that exists, the problem that we humans have created. It is an important wake-up call that—through art and film–asks us to pay attention to everything that has contributed to the demise of our planet, take ownership of our own personal actions, and make the changes that will (hopefully) contribute to saving the planet.