Andrew Kimbrell in Hawaii

Andrew Kimbrell is a Washington D.C. lawyer, and one of the world’s leading experts on GMOs and agriculture, and all the related issues and concerns. He is the head of the Center For Food Safety, and one of the two lawyers who first sued the FDA on issues re. the disclosure of concerns over GMO food crops from the FDA scientists.


Class Action Lawsuit: U.S. Farmers vs Monsanto

Small farmers of the USA have banded together in a class action lawsuit against Monsanto, to try to take back their rights and end the Tyranny of a corporation aiming to own all seeds worldwide, and thereby control the entire global food supply. Honestly, what could be scarier?

Though they are many, and though the people of America stand behind them, this legal battle of small American Farmers against the Biotech giant is yet another David vs. Goliath battle.  After all, Monsanto is so large and powerful, the company has been known to take on small South American countries whose governments have not welcomed doing business with them. In this lawsuit, the American Farmers are not merely fighting for their own rights as food producers.  This lawsuit means much more.  They are actually defending the right if every citizen–every man woman and child– to have access to good, wholeome food if he or she has the money to purchase it, or has a little pile of dirt and is willing to put in the effort to grow it.  These are basic human rights that we all know should not have to be defended, especially today in North American society.