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The Future of Food

-a Film by Deborah Koons Garcia

“As Garcia brilliantly lays out the pieces of these puzzling developments, we are ultimately given a clear image of just how quickly and radically our food system is changing. We learn how patenting of life is now permitted, though it was considered immoral by America’s founding fathers. Without consumer labeling, there is no traceability and no corporate responsibility for problems with GMOs.  However, within this somber context, Deborah Koons Garcia has created a film about hope. Although regulatory agencies have failed us to date, and corporations like Monsanto are bullies seeking to foist untested and potentially dangerous crops on the world, Garcia believes that when informed, consumers will say no to transgenic crops and choose clean, healthy foods that insure our security and environmental integrity for the future. (- from, June 2006).


Food Inc is an incredibly shocking documentary that exposes the ugly reality of the modern day North American food industry. The reality of today’s factory farms, which are more like cruel ”aushwitz- like” animal prisons that farms, is depicted, and the current issues with genetically manipulated industrial crops is also discussed.


Percy Schmeiser is a true Canadian Hero of our times. Learn about the outrageous ”David and Goliath” fight he endured, because he would not back down to Monsanto, a herbicide/ pesticide and BioTech (GMO) corporate giant. Stories, documentaries and reports about what this Saskatchewan farmer and his wife Louise endured reveal that Percy was actually fighting for Democracy.This issue is perhaps the most urgent debate of today, the serious implications of which are literally as large as life…

Percy Schmeiser: David VS. Monsanto

The story of a Saskatchewan canola farmer and his wife who stood up to GMO giant, Monsanto

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According to Schmeiser, the farmer’s rights to have access to seeds…. and the God- given right of every human to have access to food are not negotiable.  Percy Schmeiser does not accept that corporations should be given the right to patent life… on moral grounds.

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