Percy Schmeiser is a true Canadian Hero of our times. Learn about the outrageous ”David and Goliath” fight he endured, because he would not back down to Monsanto, a herbicide/ pesticide and BioTech (GMO) corporate giant. Stories, documentaries and reports about what this Saskatchewan farmer and his wife Louise endured reveal that Percy was actually fighting for Democracy.This issue is perhaps the most urgent debate of today, the serious implications of which are literally as large as life…

Percy Schmeiser: David VS. Monsanto

The story of a Saskatchewan farmer who stood up to GMO giant, Monsanto.

Tim DeChristopher

Tim DeChristopher  is a University of Utah student in his 20s.  He is a bright young man, a passionate environmentalist, and a gifted speaker.  Tim became aware of a situation in which the government was allowing the corporate abuse of power and exploitation of public land, and he decided to take action.  Due to his incredible story, he has received media attention worldwide.  Many view his as an unbelievable account of political persecution in America. Tim is in prison.

Click to Learn About Tim’s Story, Hear Him Speak on Civil Disobedience..

Tim DeChristopher was arrested and jailed, and is now serving a 10 year prison sentence.   Please click the above photos, visit his official site, and read the articles posted. Tell others about this important story. 

Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall, now in her 70s, is a former Chimpanzee biologist, turned social and environmental activist. Among other accomplishments, she founded Roots and Shoots, which is a program to educate children all over the world to care about social justice and the environment. No article about Jane Goodall can begin to demonstrate who she is and what she does, as listening to her speak can do. 


Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva of India is truly an amazing woman, a modern day heroiine. She is a quantum physicist, and an International food sovereignty and deep democracy activist VANDANA SHIVA shares her views on the current planetary situation in  an event presented by the International Forum on Globalization (IFG)


Andrew Kimbrell

Andrew Kimbrell is a lawyer, environmentalist, and guardian of Truth and Democracy. Mr. Kimbrell became Executive Director of the International Center for Technology Assessment (ICTA) in 1994 and also Executive Director of the Center for Food Safety in 1997. He is one of the country’s leading environmental attorneys, and an author of several articles and books on environment. Prior to becoming Executive Director at ICTA, Mr. Kimbrell was senior attorney and policy director of the Greenhouse Crisis Foundation, where he organized the first Global Summit on Global Warming (1989) and the initial International Local Leaders’ Summit on Global Environmental Issues (1990). He filed the first litigation requiring government agencies to prepare environmental impact statements on how their agencies’ actions affected ozone layer depletion and global warming.

Andrew Kimbrell speaks on the dysfunctional model of corporate globalization (below):





Sophia Gatica

Sofia Gatica of Argentina is the 2012 winner of the Goldman Environmental Prize for South America.  Argentina is the world’s third largest exporter of soybeans. Every year, the industry spreads over 50 million gallons of agro-toxins—namely glyphosate, the key ingredient in Monsanto’s widely-used herbicide Roundup, and endosulfan—through aerial spraying over farmland. Thirteen years ago, Sofía Gatica gave birth to a daughter. Three days later, the baby’s kidneys failed. The working-class mother of three was determined to find out what killed her child…

Jeffrey Hollender  is the  co-founder and former CEO of Seventh Generation Products, an author and activist, and definately an agent of change.

2 thoughts on “Heroes

  1. Awful truth: GMO’s are becoming the norm, and those of who care about it, are just being tetared as if we don’t exist. IF I had a choice in what I eat and could work around GM foods, I wouldn’t care so much what they do, but the fact is we are being railroaded into this. I feel like we are being put on railcars and shipped off to camps, (metaphorically speaking) we are gradually loosing control our the food supply, what we want to eat is of absolutely no concern, simply speaking we are being forced to comply.

  2. Hi Wilme, I agree, we are being railroaded. What has happened is simply that big multi-national corporations are implementing a massive plan to control the whole world’s food supply. The main problem in our society here in North America especially, as far as I see it, is lack of awareness. Most people still either know nothing, or so little that they cannot grasp the seriousness of the sitiuation. That is why the best thing that anyone can do is make some sort of effort to spread awareness. Screening documentaries like The Future Of Food and Genetic Roulette are a great way to spread awareness. Also, you have to get past the negative aspects and look a little closer, and you will see how many thousands of people are aware and willing to try to help defend our food. One more thing, buying non-GMO (organic cereals and granola bars, like Nature’s Path) and buying organic milk & eggs, boycotting all the GMO salad dressings, etc… this is also a form of activism. Telling your friends about it, so they avoid food. It is work, but if you are truly concerned and put some effort into starting a local awareness campaign where you live, you will find that it will take root, and you will find others to help you. If you want to “be the change” and would like some guidance, visit GMO Free Canada on Facebook, join, and ask for advice. We will help get you started. Want inspiration? Go to the “About” page on this site, and listen to the John Legend song. One last thing, we are not helpless victims. Those who believe this freeze in fear, and do nothing, and it is this doubt and fear that causes us to become victims.

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